Area Info
High in the foothills above Denver, our mountain towns offer the best in small-town living, combined with easy access to the city.  Our mountain area is blessed with approximately 300 days of sun, with mild winters and warm summers.  The elevation of  6800 ft creates a beautiful mix of pines, spruce, aspen, and wonderful alpine gardens.  Wildlife abounds throughout the area, and it is not uncommon to see elk and mule deer pass by as they make their way into the high country. The area is surrounded by thousands of acres of recreational park land.
A common first impression of visitors is 'Wow, I wish I could live here!"

Evergreen - The Blue Spruce Capital of the World!


Evergreen is just 35 minutes from fast-growing Denver via 3 county/state highway routes, Evergreen sits 1,000 feet above Denver at an altitude of approximately 7,000 feet.

Evergreen is an unincorporated community, and thus comes under the jurisdiction of the Jefferson County Government located in Golden, Colorado.  All building permits, licenses, etc., originate from the County offices and/or the County Clerk's sub-office.

Evergreen is experiencing continued growth with the current population estimated at 35,000 and growing.  According to the Evergreen multiple listing statistics, the combined average price of resale homes for 2010 in Evergreen was $346,900. Retail and commercial development in the town is also growing rapidly due to increased commercial zoning.  Evergreen boasts five major areas which support retail trade and offices.

Education falls under the Jefferson County R-1 District, and covers all ages from preschool through senior high.  There are also several private schools and numerous music, arts and craft classes, made available by local artists and Evergreen Recreation Center.

For more information about Evergreen, you can visit the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce web site.

Conifer/Aspen Park

The population of Conifer is approximately 11,424 according to the 2000 census and is projected to reach 14,920 by the year 2010.  Conifer's population has grown steadily since the last census - even exceeding the the county's growth rate!

Conifer is situated west of Denver and is easily accessed via U.S. Highway 285. Like Evergreen, it is part of unincorporated Jefferson County with the County seat located in Golden. Hwy. 285 has been widened into a 4-lane over the past few years, and is scheduled for more expansion. This greatly enhances the commuting ease into Denver employment, and will no doubt increase the entire lifestyle of the Conifer area.

Conifer supports a number of retail areas including the Conifer Safeway Center, Green Valley business area, and Aspen Park center. Homes in the Conifer area are mainly single family homes with the median  home value of $301,440 (based on 2010 multiple listing statistics).

The area encompasses thousands of acres of park and national forest land including many County Open Space Parks, Pike National Forest, Mt. Evans Wilderness, and Lost Creek Wilderness Areas.  Due to its close proximity to Denver and its abundance of natural beauty, it is the perfect place to call home!

For more information about Conifer and Aspen Park, visit the Conifer Chamber of Commerce web site.

Bailey/Platte Canyon

Just a few minutes southwest of Conifer and only 40 miles west of Denver, Bailey provides the perfect combination of small town ambiance coupled with easy access to Denver via U.S. Highway 285. Like its neighbors, the area is experiencing dramatic growth. Bailey is located in Park County - one of the fastest growing counties in the state.

Bailey and its neighbor Shawnee were founded in the mid 1800s and have a rich history of railroads, lumber and resorts.  Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Denver residents escaped to the Platte Canyon area to escape the summer heat, and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Today, Bailey, Pine and Buffalo Creek continue to provide recreational opportunities to locals and visitors with easy access to Pike National Forest, Guanella Pass, Mt. Evans Wilderness, and Lost Creek Wilderness.

For more information about Bailey, Pine, and the Platte Canyon, visit the Bailey/Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce web site.